SERVUS IN Wolnzach!

With "Servus!" we salut our friends and guests in our hometown Wolnzach. The original meaning of Servus is “at your service” - and this is what we do! 

Wolnzach is located right in the heart of the the Hop-Planting area Hallertau, Bavaria and awarded 

as one of Germany´s “Cities of Joy”, since we serve traditional and modern food, offer cosy sleeping places, 

amazing landscapes, unique activities to balance your body, your soul and your mind! 

We can´t wait to say "Servus" to you personally!


From the traditional Schweinsbraten (pork roast) to Burgers, fresh Asparagus or dishes with Hops - there's something for everyone in Wolnzach's kitchens. You can have it in one of our traditional or modern restaurants or in a beer garden. And don't forget to order "A Hoibe" - the classic Beer that's served in Bavaria.

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What makes Wolnzach so special? Is it the more than 1.200 years of History? Is it the location right in the "Heart of Hops"?  The people or the architecture? Well, it's a bit of everything that makes Wolnzach a place to see. Experience the beautiful landscape, great food and time away from noisy tourist areas.

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Do you prefer a small, family-run hotel with a personal touch right in the center of Wolnzach? Or are you looking for one of the larger hotels with a spa, conference rooms and international cuisine? Wolnzach offers a good selection of hotels for both family vacations and business trips.




Wolnzach is a municipality in the heart of the the Hop-Planting area Hallertau in the district of Pfaffenhofen, Bavaria. It was first mentioned in 756 by the name of Wolamotesaha. The first documented reference with the name Wolnzach as a market goes back to the year 1150. 

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From cultural and historic hot spots like the Hop Museum or the Culture of the Hand Museum, over to an interesting architecture, the public pool, the local brewery, romantic walk ways in the Hop gardens or cycling tours - Wolnzach has everything for it's visitors as well as for the people who live here. 

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Get in Touch

There's so much to see, so much to do - but where to start? The best idea is to get in touch with us by mail or phone to discuss your perfect visit to Wolnzach. We can handle groups from 10 to up to 100 people and organize an entire day of fun and entertainment. Please let us know how we can help you. 

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