Activities for your MIND

The Town Hall

Located in the Markt center, today’s major hall reflects the glory of a ancient and modern times. Planned and built in the years 1877/78 its original character has been reanimated by the latest renovation, pointing out the very special characteristics of the building such as the sandstone portal or the terrific roof truss, using techniques adapted from the shipbuilding. 

The Hop Museum

This museum is an invitation to everyone who wants not just to watch and hear but to experience hops in history, social and economic life with all senses. On more than 1000 square meters it presents the inner life of the hop flower, the role of hops in medicine, brewing and history and many offers to interact for every age.

The House of Hops

Located next to the Hop Museum this building is home of several important and worldwide acting hop-organisations. Originally planned and built in the 1960s by Kurt Ackermann, a famous architect, it has been renovated and increased according to modern time’s challenges. All important hop-organisations united under one roof.

The Hops Research Center

Born out of necessity because of a hop-desease which almost destroyed the whole harvest, the research –center of Hüll was founded in the year 1926. Therefore the small village Hüll with not more than about 40 inhabitants today is the most important address in questions of research and consultation, developing new hop-varieties and steadily improving the balance between human effort and nature.

Culture of the Hand Museum

Wolnzach is home of the world’s only museum, dedicated to the most fascinating limb, the hand. The museum shows a variety of information about the hand in anatomy, language and symbolism, confronting the visitor with unexpected and surprising facts and pictures of exhibition.

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