The Hallertauer Volksfest

For good reason the Volksfest of Wolnzach bears the name “Hallertauer Volksfest”, symbolizing not only its meaning for the people , but its very special atmosphere. With a duration of eleven days in the beginning of August, it is one of the biggest festivals in the whole region, even though it is – to be honest – not the biggest by size: The location is manageable, but enjoyable with no risk of getting lost, but meetings guaranteed. A melting pot of true Bavarian tradition far away from touristic-show, attractive for every age. The “Hallertauer Volksfest” in Wolnzach is home of the hop-queen as well, her yearly election is one of the undisputed highlights of those very special eleven days in Wolnzach. 

Lauf10! Running Event

Every year on a Friday in July, Wolnzach becomes a spectacular-hotspot for runners, walkers, spectators and good mood. In 2008, Wolnzach and its landscape was elected as the venue for the finish-run to a fitness-challenge called "Lauf10!" by Bavarian-Television. Exercising under the supervision of a special training-program, couch-potatoes run or walk ten kilometers after several weeks on the great finale in Wolnzach. What once started with about 400 runners, has now become a great event with more than 4.000 participants in the run and far more visitors and fans, all coming together at the end and celebrating a great Markt-Festival with food, drinks and live-music in the center of Wolnzach.

The Weinfest

Wine festival: Surprisingly for those combining the  Hallertau only with hops and beer, Wolnzach also celebrates a wine. One Saturday in June –in case of sunny weather -  the Markt centre turns into a place full of happiness and full of wine and wine specialized dishes, combined with live music and entertainment. Always providing fantastic mood and enjoyment!


Romantically twinkling lights, natural wood, the smell of fresh Christmas-trees, decorating tastefully arranged huts, offering artificial goods and tasty food – the Wolnzach-Christkindlmarkt, our christmas-market, is known as one of the most beautiful markets around. For one weekend before Christmas, the very center of Wolnzach is closed for traffic and instead home for this market, based on a concept showing love to detail – and making Christmas-dreams come true.