Activities for your SOUL

Wolnzach is embedded in between the gentle hills of the Hallertau, formed in the tertiary, which started

about 66 million years ago. Straight in the neighbourhood of the Alpes, we offer a delightful alternative: no high and often crowded mountains, but adorable hills with dark green forests, juicy fields and impressing

hop fields with plants of seven meters height and a smell impossible to describe.

Come and find them out, our places of Power!


Your boots are made for walking? Here are some suggestions if you're into relaxing, soulful walking experiences!

The Hallertauer Lehrpfad

An educational trial of four kilometers, offering all the Hallertau features: hops, fields, forest, hills, cattle and a spectaular view over the three wolnzach-hills. Information-boards describe special features, cosy benches invite for a short break enjoying the Hallertau at ist best.

The Orchard Meadow

Near the community forest there is a place which was hidden for years and now has been brought back to life for those who are looking for the strong power of simple nature. Old, majestic, gnarled trees such as apples and cherries surrounded by freshly planted ones form a special atmosphere – open 24 hours per day and 365 days per year. For free.

The Castle Hill

In the south of Wolnzach, there is a hill now covered with trees, but inside hiding an impressing archaeological site where researcher found traces and tools of human settling from the mesolithic as well as signs pointing on a former castle. Even though the excavation is finished, the hill is still there and the mystical magic noticeable.

Churches and Chapels

The landscape of the Hallertau is characterized by pittoresque chapels and churches, some based on miraculous stories, such as the pilgrimage church of Lohwinden. Just a stone’s throw away from Wolnzach, this building catches every visitor not only by its beauty, but its very special aura, which may reflect the story behind: According to the legend, there was a poor shepherd, who found work in Lohwinden though he was mute. Everyday while he was taking care about his flock of sheep, he stopped at a small mary‘s statue nearby the pasture to pray. In the year 1666, he was healed while praying the Ave Maria. The news of this miracle spread, more and more people came to pray at Mary’s statue and in the year 1679 the first church was built there.


Everyone is talking about forest-bathing, the Hallertau offers a beneficial combination of forest- as well as hop-bathing all over the year. In winter, you can enjoy the wideness of hop fields, admire the complex construction of columns and wires, covered with hoarfrost or snow; in spring, you can almost watch the plants growing up to ten and more centimeters per day; and in summer and fall, the whole landscape is filled by the beauty of dark-green hops and the special smell of a plant which is not only known as responsible for the beer-taste, but as well as a significant medical plant because of its ingredients.

Did you know there are 7 senses and not just six, like in that movie? And these are sight, smell, taste, hearing, touch, vestibular and proprioception! Now that you've learned something about senses you should use some of them.

Especially your senses of smell, taste and touch. Here come our suggestions!

Beer Seminars

Living in the heart of hops it is self-explanatory that beer is our main drink. But beer is not only just a beer. If you want to discover this amazing drink with all your senses, you have the choice to book different beer seminars. Book the seminar in the hop museum to experience different beer styles and their stories. Or book the Beer-seminar of Karmacon, if you want to combine beer knowledge with food paring or even want to brew your own beer. The explosion of your taste buds is for sure! 

Meet a Hop Grower

Hops is always around us here in Wolnzach and has influenced our culture and our live extremely. Hops is a beautiful plant. Especially during the harvest time the hops aroma covers the air. This aroma is spreaded by the surrounding hop farms and arises from the different harvest works like drying or balling. If you want to experience all that, just book a visit in a hop farm. Our growers are happy to welcome you and after the farm tour they will please you with a beer.


The Mill of Lehen

The Mill of Lehen is in familiy’s hand since 1676, talking about the 11th miller-generation. The old mill has been renovated again and again, respecting the past and true to the miller’s heritage. The past is still recognizable in the building, the old technique still working and the miller’s family offers guided tours, reservation requested. Some years ago the new mills-shop was opened, there you find not only flour at its best but also a selection of oils, noodles and gifts for every occasion.

Bavarian Bakery

Bavaria is not only famous for the beer but also for bread specialties. Darkbread, whitebread, mixedbread, Semmel or Brezn -  all that is created here. In our days, it is not easy to understand the long way from flour to the final product, since the production is industrialized. But here, you still can find small bakeries, still doing most of the work manually. Here you can visit them and if you want you can bake your own Brezn. One is for sure: To experience this, you have to be a very, very early bird, for baking starts at two o clock in the morning. 

Bavarian Butcher

How about a variety of meat- and sausage-specialties that make your mouth watering? Have you ever tried a Weisswurst or a Bratwurst before? If you want to know, how it's made, then the butcher’s shops of Wolnzach are an example for true handwork based on experience over years offering  the best of all: as well as for the clients as for animals and nature. 

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