Activities for your body

The Public Pool

A hot day in Wolnzach and you just want to relax and cool down surounded by water? No problem, just visit our public pool. Here you can feel the summer, three different pools offer possibilities for everybody: like swimming in the sportspool, sliding down on the waterslides or just getting a hydromassage in the heated relaxation pool. But you also can lie under old trees on the amazing pool meadow or just sit it the pool beergarden, enjoying beers, cocktails or nice food. The pools are tempered up to 30°C and therefore a good alternative for fun even on rainy days.

The Sports Center

Here we offer sport opportunities for everybody. In the ARS Arena you can practise a lot of track and fields activities, like running or long jump. Beside the Arena, basketball courts and beach volleyball fields complete the scenario. If all that is not enough you can just walk to the TSV Wolnzach sport facilities and play soccer or football. The sport fields are located next to the romantic small river “Larsbach”.


Cycling & Inline Skating

Wolnzach offers more than 138 Kilometers of cycling- and skating path's in it's greater surrounding. The good thing is, that the gentle hills of the Hallertau aren't that challenging for those who just want to enjoy nature in-between the green hop fields or the wide country side. 

If you want to plan your tour ahead, just jump over to the official cycling tour planning website of the Bavarian government HERE or the official Wolnzach website HERE (both in German language only)!

Find more ideas for your time in Wolnzach on the official homepage of Markt Wolnzach (in German) HERE